Friday 27 February 2015

Stakeholder Engagement Series

Stakeholder Engagement Series 

Many of you have asked that I pull together some of my recent publications that deal with stakeholder engagement into a set.  Haven’t quite done that but below you have a list of articles and links to the LinkedIn Posts.

Eleven strategies for maximizing value from CSR:

From Pariah to Exemplar: Applying the six best practices

Engaging Internal Stakeholders: Seven proven strategies


CSR Communications: Eleven mistakes to avoid


Stakeholder Engagement: Six best practices


Creating a CSR Program: in eight self-serving steps


Stakeholder Engagement: Five common mistakes


Smarter CSR Budgets: Eight steps to connect budget to value


28 Expert tips on stakeholder engagement:  LinkedIn:


Don’t be an Altruistic Angel: Be transparent about what’s in it for you


13 mistakes that prevent and destroy multi-sector partnerships

Stakeholder engagement is about systematically and strategically finding the common ground where 'what's in it for stakeholders meets what's in it for me'.

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