Saturday 7 February 2015

Some of my recent tweets on CSR and Sustainability

A few people have asked me to put my recent tweets into a document so here they are.

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Win/lose = Lose/lose. Sustainable business wins by helping others to win too. Broad value propositions = long-term sustainable value. Read more at

11 Sustainable U.S. Wineries. Feel good about feeling good. Everyone wants more reasons to buy & enjoy good wine. Great article by Mary Mazzoni of Triple Pundit

Increasing costs. Increasing complexity. Uncertain value generation.
Is this what your CSR looks like?

National Hockey League in top 20 of EPA’s Green list. Global first for a sports league!  

Read 2014 NHL Sustainability Report  to see more of the league and the team’s sustainability efforts. And, the NHL and its teams and players do even more.

The players, teams and league make a major social impact with their support for communities, youth and causes. And, they do it very quietly and without calling for attention. This analysis argues that they could create more value for themselves if they weren’t so quiet about it.

CVS continues tobacco free support. Great alignment of social value and corporate core.  @EileenBooneCSR @CVSHealth It is great to see companies step up to the plate on creating social value and do it in a smart way.

The CVS contribution of $5 million to Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is great alignment with their corporate core. It is great to see fewer corporate CSR contributions that look like they were selected on a whim by the CEO’s new mistress! Smart companies align CSR outreach and investments with their corporate core.

Done something amazing in sustainability/CSR last year?
Tell the World!  Enter 2degrees Champions Awards. Let the world know about it and give you feedback.

Market driven waste management. Financial & environmental performance.
Great article by Alexis Petru @triplepundit

CSR Beyond Beads n Trinkets. Think before you spend.
See more #CSRKnowledgeCentre

CSR: Create, don’t just donate.
CSR should create value for shareholders AND society
See more #CSRKnowledgeCentre

Patagonia-Aligning CSR with brand, market & impact Authenticity pays!
Great short read  by @marcstoiber

Recycled water into beer!
Sustainability that is easy to support  @LeonKaye @triplepundit
Perfect for the Super Bowl

Progress not perfection.
This and other efforts are adding up to big differences in supply chain sustainability  

Stopping Hazardous Chemicals from Entering the Supply Chain By Padma Nagappan — February 01, 2015 The $11 billion parent company of brands such as North Face, Timberland, Nautica, Lee and Wrangler has debuted a chemical management initiative that could be a game changer for the industry, as it scales the program across its vast supply chain and invites the industry to take advantage of it.

Super Bowl and sustainability.
Quick insights and history at  Courtesy @GreenBiz

Mars Rocks on Supply Chain Sustainability
Mars continues to push on sustainable supply chain (beef, pulp, paper, soy)  @marsglobal @EUAfricaMonitor

It was great to see them winners at the EU-AFRICA Chamber of Commerce CSR Awards Gala in Brussels in November.  See video

And congrats to EU-AFRICA Chamber of Commerce creating the event to showcase the work of Mars, Newmont, DHL and the other winners

ICMM opens commenting period on updated Indigenous Peoples and Mining Good Practice Guide @ICMM_com

Did you know the NHL is a global leader in sustainability?
Full carbon offset for one  more @NHLGreen GREAT leadership

Is CSR about distributing, creating or sharing value or all three?
Discussion & thoughts here.

Role of mining in national and emerging economies.
Interesting @ICMM report

CSR SWOT: discover risk, value and more
See new LinkedIn Post if interested

Well done is better than well said!
CSR Communications must be free of Socialwash or Greenwash. 11 Mistakes to avoid

Food for thought – 13 Sustainability trends for 2015  by Richard Mazzola Quick read

Viewpoints for Business in 2015 - Progress and Purpose.
Interesting Webinar discussion from @GlobeScan

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