Saturday 18 October 2014

From Hockey to business meets society

Just had a discussion on the new 'Rogers' look to hockey in Canada (for non-Canadian/non-hockey interested readers - Rogers media just made a mega billion deal for hockey broadcast rights in Canada)

A friend suggested the old game was better.

I like some parts of the modern game for sure.  But, to me the whole issue is about the idolization of sports and entertainment figures (OK, sports figures have been turned into entertainment figures).

How can we justify a society that will exuberantly give tens and hundreds of millions of dollars to entertainment figures (and sometimes many billions), and vehemently resist taxes that would support education, health and elder-care, community infrastructure, environmental management, etc.

To me that is the real issue and our failure to come to terms with it is likely to take our civilization down.  Not this week, not this year, probably not this decade.  Maybe not in the next few decades.  But, to me the writing is on the wall unless we do something.

And, of course, I may be totally wrong.  I may have just become one of those grumpy old men, looking at everything pessimistically.   Or, maybe, I'm just having a pessimistic day.

Anyway, I’ve chosen a small piece – where business meets society – and will be writing and working in that space to try to help business to create shareholder and social value simultaneously.

I'm not sure that I'll make any difference working in this small corner of the issue, but at least I'll be engaged - and so far I've managed to meet and engage with a lot of interesting people in the process.  

What are you doing?

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